College Catalog 2021-2022 
    Jan 17, 2022  
College Catalog 2021-2022


General Statement of Policy

Richard Bland College of William & Mary is an equal educational and employment opportunity institution. In keeping with this policy, the College makes no distinction in the admission of students, nor in any other of its official activities, based on race, color, national origin (ancestry), religion (creed), age, veteran status, military status, marital status, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, pregnancy, genetic information,  disability, any other status protected by law, or any other non-merit factors. All standards and policies governing student employment, recruitment, admissions, financial aid, and support programs are applied accordingly.


Special Notice to Students


Regarding Degree Programs and Courses

The Richard Bland College Catalog is intended to describe the work of the College and to be a digest of its regulations. Although the courses announced and the regulations given are usually continuous from year to year, none of them is valid beyond the publication of a new Catalog, which will supersede all previous Catalogs.

Ordinarily, students may complete a degree in accordance with the degree requirements in force when they were admitted to the College or in any subsequent Catalog published while they are students. Students who have not been enrolled at Richard Bland College for a period of five years or more must fulfill the degree requirements in effect at the time of their readmission.

Students who plan to complete a baccalaureate degree at a four-year institution are urged to study carefully the degree requirements of the institutions to which they will apply in order to plan appropriate programs of study at Richard Bland College.

NOTE: This Catalog provides announcements for the 2021-22 academic year. Because programs and policies change from time to time, Richard Bland College reserves the right to withdraw or change any requirements or provisions in this Catalog at any time.

Regarding Licensure Programs

Consistent with its focus on the first two years of a transferable liberal arts education, Richard Bland College does not offer programs directly leading to professional licensure. At this time, Richard Bland College has not determined, or is unable to determine, whether the Associate in Science and Associate in Arts programs entirely meet the educational requirements for any licensure in the states/territories listed below. Students should consult with the appropriate licensing board to verify requirements for licensure in these states/territories.

Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, District of Columbia, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Vermont, Virginia, Washington, West Virginia, Wisconsin, Wyoming, America Samoa, Guam, Northern Mariana Islands, Puerto Rico, U.S. Virgin Islands


Officers of the College

Board of Visitors

William & Mary Board of Visitors

John E. Littel, Rector
William H. Payne II, Vice Rector
Barbara L. Johnson, Secretary
Mari Carmen Aponte
Mirza Baig
Victor K. Branch
S. Douglas Bunch 
Sue H. Gerdelman
James A. Hixon
Cynthia E. Hudson
Anne Leigh Kerr
Charles Poston
Lisa E. Roday
J.E. Lincoln Saunders
Karen Kennedy Schultz
H. Thomas Watkins, III
Brian P. Woolfolk

Richard Bland College Committee

Victor K. Branch, Chair, RBC Committee
Barbara L. Johnson, Vice Chair, RBC Committee
Cynthia E. Hudson
Charles E. Poston
Lisa E. Roday
Karen Kennedy Schultz
Brian P. Woolfolk
David McCarthy, faculty representative
Thulani Jayasignhe, student representative
Debbie L. Sydow, President, Richard Bland College


Office of the President

Debbie L. Sydow, President
Lachrecse Aird, Chief of Staff
Jeff Brown, Director of Special Projects and Operations
Lisa Pond, Executive Assistant to the President

Office of Advancement & Alumni Relations

Roberto Laanan, Development Manager
Dianna Lester, Development Assistant

Office of Academic & Student Development

- Academic Services, Athletics, Admissions, Financial Aid, Library Services, Student Success, Records & Registration, Counseling

Tyler Hart, Provost
Allison Spivey, Executive Assistant to the Provost
Stacey Sokol, Director of Online and Continuing Education
Damien Westfield, Associate Director for Online Strategic Partnerships
Claudine Lougee, Acting Director of Institutional Research
Preston Bousman, Program Manager


Scott Newton, Athletic Director/Head Women’s Volleyball Coach
Andrew Lacey, Assistant Director of Athletics/Head Men’s Basketball Coach
Travis Abele, Assistant Women’s Volleyball Coach
Morgan Smith, Head Softball Coach
John Fletcher, Head Baseball Coach
Damien Westfield, Director of Soccer Operations/Head Men’s & Women’s Soccer Coach
Jenna Castricone, Head Women’s Soccer Coach
Ryan Averett, Assistant Men’s Soccer Coach
Brooklyn Bilyard, Adminstrative Assistant to Athletics


Justin May, Director of Admissions
Kyle Dobry,  Admissions Counselor/Enrollment Analyst
Jessica Carver, Admissions Counselor
Marshall Dunn, Admissions Counselor
Karen Henley, Student Services Specialist
Marci Kelly, Student Services Specialist

Enrollment Services & Financial Aid

Lisa Johnson, Director of Enrollment Services
Hashauna Farmer, Financial Aid Counselor & VA Certifying Official
Mia Register, Financial Aid Counselor

Records and Registration 

Dana L. Davis, Virtual Registrar
Tim Blackston, Assistant Virtual Registrar

Library Services

Carly Winfield, Head Librarian
VACANT, Library Assistant

Student Success

Thom Addington, Director of Student Success
Evanda Watts-Martinez, Director of Counseling Services
Teona Henderson, Learner Mentor
Ben Thoreson, Learner Mentor
Hannah Hensley, Learner Mentor

Office of Information and Technology Services

Maurice Ficklin, Director of Information and Technology Services
Jon Garmon, Manager of Projects and Business Process
George (Nate) Jellerson, Manager, Projects & Procurement
Deborah James, Enterprise Architect & Information Security Officer
Bryan Roethel, Technology Support Manager
Shelly Dietrich, Senior Web/Canvas Support Tech
Leonard Breckenridge, Senior Applications Engineer


Office of Residential & Student Life

Patrick Clarkson, Director of Housing and Residence Life
Navelle Watkins, Residence Life Coordinator
Danah Slaughter, Residence Life Coordinator


Office of Finance

Paul Edwards, Chief Business Officer
Nicole Collins, Financial Services Specialist
Mark Jacobson, Director of Accounting & Financial Reporting
Longhao Tang, Senior Accountant
Melissa Mahoney, Accounting & Compliance Manager
Becky Toombs, Accounts Receivable & Cashiering Specialist
Jessica McCabe, Student Accounts & Cashiering Specialist
Candi Pearson, Accounts Payable Manager
Lisa Allen, Accounts Payable Specialist
Alfred Washington, Senior Financial Analyst
Layne Peebles, Senior Buyer


Office of Human Resources

Cassandra Standberry, Director of Human Resources
LaTasha Tucker, Human Resources Specialist
Michelle Valentine, Human Resources Assistant


Operations & Capital Assets

Eric Kondzielawa, Chief Operating Officer
Barbara Pride, Executive Assistant to the Chief Operating Officer
Amanda Brown, Administrative Assistant
William Wamsley, Landscape Supervisor
Dennis Wray, Grounds Lead Worker
Timothy Conger, Grounds Worker
Justin Lawson, Lanscaper
Jason Collins, Maintenance Supervisor
John Fraser, Electrician
Michael King, Electrician
Brandon Krenicky, Electrician
Steven Roberts, Electrician/HVAC Tech
Rosa Kanga, Custodian
Diane Prince, Custodian
Paul Booth, Custodian
Jeffrey Clark, Custodian
Jennifer Schoonmkaker, Food Services Manager
Robin Schultz, Catering Coordinator
Katelinn Mohn, Store Manager 


Office of Campus Security, Safety, & Emergency Management

Thomas Travis, Chief of Police, Director of
Campus Security, Safety, & Emergency Management
Cynthia Velazquez-Peterson, Deputy Chief of Police
Alefunzo Uzzle, Police Sergeant
Steven Nalepka, Police Officer
Robert Wilson, Police Officer
Justin Wargofcak, Police Officer
John Woyanski, Police Officer
Mathew Bennett, Police Officer
Kevin Bowen, Police Officer
Derek Pattison, Police Officer
Ruthann Reynolds, Dispatcher & Police Assistant
Jennifer Holt, Police Records Manager


Office of Communications 

Jesse Vaughan, Chief Communications and Marketing Officer
Robin J. Deutsch, Director of Communications
LeeAnn Wilson, Graphic Artist & Branding Specialist


Full-Time Faculty

Tiffany Birdsong, Director of Academics / Associate Professor of Psychology
Vanessa Stout, Chair of Social & Behavioral Sciences
David Morgan, Chair of Natural Science & Mathematics / Professor of Biology
Eric Earnhardt, Chair of Languages & Humanities / Assistant Professor of English


(Date indicates year of appointment)

Tiffany R. Birdsong (2015) Associate Professor of Psychology. B.S., Manhattan College; M.A., PsyD., La Salle University.

Katie Bjorkman (2019) Assistant Professor of Mathematics. B.S., George Fox University; M.S. Virginia Commonwealth University; Ph.D. San Diego State University/University of California.

Laura Camp (2013) Instructor and Lab Coordinator. B.S., Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University; additional graduate study, Montana State University.

Michelle Delano (1999) Professor of Art. B.F.A., Virginia Commonwealth University; M.F.A., Temple University; additional graduate study, The College of William & Mary.

Eric D. Earnhardt (2016) Assistant Professor of English. B.A., Geneva College; M.A., Ohio University; Ph.D., Case Western Reserve University.

Rachel Finney (2000) Professor of Spanish. B.A., University of Tennessee; M.A., University of Arkansas-Fayetteville; Ph.D., University of Virginia.

Daniel P. Franke (2016) Assistant Professor of History. B.A., Lower Columbia College; B.A., Rice University; M.A., Ph.D., University of Rochester.

Ashley Fuller (2019) Assistant Professor of Mathematics. B.S. Bridgewater College; M.S. Virginia Commonwealth University.

Mary K. Gurnick (2002) Professor of Chemistry. B.A., Marist College; Ph.D., University of Illinois.

Katie Heffernan (2019) Assistant Professor of Biology. B.S., University of Wisconsin; M.S. and Ph.D. Northern Illinois University. 

Alice Henton (2017) Associate Professor of English. B.A., University of California, Davis; M.A., Ph.D. University of California, Los Angeles.

Lauran M. Johnson (2009) Associate Professor of Mathematics, B.A., East Carolina University (1982- 1986); M.S. Virginia State University (1999-2002); Ed.S, University of Virginia.

Mike Lehman (2010) Associate Professor of Business. B.A., Holy Cross College, Worcester, M.A.; M.S. The College of William & Mary (1978); additional graduate study, Virginia Commonwealth University and University of Richmond.

David E. Majewski (1989) Professor of Speech and Theatre. B.S., The Defiance College; M.A., University of Akron; M.F.A., Wayne State University; additional graduate study, Wayne State University.

David S. McCarthy (2015) Associate Professor of History. A.B., Dartmouth College, M.A., Ph.D., The College of William & Mary.

Barbara M. Morgan (2007) Professor of Psychology. B.S., Virginia Commonwealth University; M.Ed., Ed.S., Ph.D. Counselor Education, The College of William & Mary.

David L. Morgan (2016) Associate Professor of Physics and Mathematics. B.A, Towson University; M.S., Ph.D., The College of William & Mary.

Jennifer D. Morrison (2015), Associate Professor of Psychology and Sociology. B.A., M.S., Virginia Commonwealth University; Ph.D., Grand Canyon University.

Kevin J. Peters (2009), Professor of Biology. B.S., University of Alabama at Birmingham; M.S., Ph.D., University of Alabama at Birmingham.

Linda Fischer Pittman (1989) Professor of Geography and Religion. B.A., University of Wisconsin-Madison; M.A., University of Texas at Austin; Ph.D., University of Minnesota; additional graduate study, University of Chicago, Friedrich Wilhelm University (Bonn), University of Lyon, France.

Jason Pode (2017), Assistant Professor of Mathematics. B.S., Virginia Commonwealth University; M.A., Central Michigan University.

LeJeanna M. Raymond (2007) Associate Professor of English. B.S., Presbyterian College; M.Ed., Baptist Theological Seminary at Richmond; M.A., University of North Carolina at Greensboro.

Elizabeth D. Rescher (2000) Professor of English. B.A., University of Rochester; M.A., University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill; Ph.D., University of Toronto; additional graduate study, University of Pennsylvania, Johns Hopkins University, and the University of Maryland.

Timothy Rohrbach (2017) Assistant Professor of Biology. B.S., Pennsylvania State University; Ph.D., University of Alabama at Birmingham.

Vanessa Stout (2016) Associate Professor of Sociology, B.A., M.A., University of California, Riverside; M.A., Ph.D., Trinity College, Dublin.

Debbie L. Sydow (2012) President, B.A., University of Virginia’s College at Wise; M.A. Marquette University; Ph.D., Indiana University of Pennsylvania.

Alexandra Youmans (2001) Associate Professor of English. A.B., Guilford College, M.A., The College of William & Mary; additional graduate study, Virginia Commonwealth University.

Daniel Zelinski (2000) Professor of Philosophy and Religion. B.S., M.A., Ph.D., University of California-Irvine.

Adam Zucconi (2016) Assistant Professor of History. B.A, Bridgewater College; M.A., Clemson University; Ph.D., West Virginia University.

Faculty/Staff – Emeriti

Year in Parentheses indicates year the faculty or staff member began at the College. 

Robert E. Antrim (1976) Professor of Chemistry, Emeritus. B.S., Delaware; Ph.D., Pennsylvania State University.

Gracie M. Bailey (1974) Associate of Professor of Business, Emerita. B.S., M.Ed., Virginia State University; Ed.D., Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University.

John L. Blair (1964) Professor of History. B.A., American International College; Deutsches Zertifikat, Universitaet des Saarlandes; M.A., The College of William & Mary; M.A.T., University of Massachusetts at Amherst; Certificate, Cambridge University; Ph.D., University of Chicago.

LeAnn Binger (1980) Professor of Psychology. A.A., Richard Bland College; B.A., West-Hampton College of University of Richmond; M.S., Virginia State University; Certificate of Advanced Graduate Study in Higher Education, Ed.D., The College of William & Mary.

Susan G. Brown (1968) Associate Professor of Art, Emerita. B.F.A., Virginia Commonwealth University.

Virginia R. Cherry (1992) Director of the Library. B.A., The College of William & Mary; M.Ln., Emory University; Ph.D., Virginia Commonwealth University.

Patricia B. Crocker (2006) Assistant Professor of Mathematics. B.S., University of Wisconsin- Madison; M.S., Mathematics, Virginia Commonwealth University; M.Ed., Northern Illinois University.

Williabel Davis (1974) Associate Professor of English. B.A., M.A., Virginia State University; additional graduate study, University of Virginia.

Martha Day (1970) Professor of English and French, Emerita. B.S., Springfield College; MA., University of North Carolina; Diploma of French Language and Literature, University of Aix- Marseilles; Fulbright Certificate, University of Tubingen; M.A., Yale University; Ph.D., University of North Carolina.

Mark L. Fidelman (1989) Professor of Physics. B.S., Massachusetts Institute of Technology; M.S., Purdue University; Ph.D., State University of New York at Buffalo.

Esther Floyd (1998) Associate Professor of English. A.A., Richard Bland College; B.A., Glassboro State College; M.A., Virginia Commonwealth University; additional graduate study, University of North Carolina-Greensboro.

Irene Handy (2005)  Access and Technical Support Librarian, B.S., Wheaton College; M.A., University of Texas.  

William D. Henderson (1963) Professor of History, Emeritus. B.A., The College of William & Mary; M.S., Radford University; M.A., State University of New York at Albany.

Dannie Hudson (2010) Associate Professor of Mathematics. B.S., Virginia Commonwealth University, Mathematical Sciences; M.T., Secondary Education, Virginia Commonwealth University.

Jeremy D. Jordan (1986) Associate Professor of Mathematics. Emeritus, B.A., University of Florida; M.Ed., Ed.S., University of Georgia.

Linda Eanes Jefferson (1989) Associate Professor of English. B.A., M.A., Longwood College; Ph.D., Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University. Additional graduate study, Virginia Commonwealth University, Northeastern University.

Timothy J. Evans (1979) Professor of English. B.A., University of Richmond; M.A., Wake Forest University; Ph.D., University of South Carolina.

Vernon R. Lindquist (2004) Provost and Dean of Faculty and Professor of English, Emeritus, B.S., M.A., M.S. L.S., University of Maine; Ph.D. University of New Brunswick (Canada).

Steven E. Martin (1979) Associate Professor of Mathematics and Computer Science. B.S., Arizona State University; M.S., Physics, University of Arizona; M.S., Mathematics, University of Arizona; M.S., Computer Science, Virginia Commonwealth University.

James B. McNeer (1968) President of the College and Professor of History and Government. B.A., Emory and Henry College; M.A., West Virginia University; Certificate of Advanced Graduate Study in Educational Administration, Ed.D., The College of William & Mary.

Thomas H. Milton (1973) Associate Professor of Biology. , Emeritus, B.A., Marshall University; M.S., Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University; Certificate of Advanced Graduate Study in Higher Education, The College of William & Mary.

Franklyn C. Morgan (1985) Professor of Sociology/Criminology. A.B., The College of William & Mary; M.S., Ph.D., Florida State University.

Patsy N. Newman (1966) Associate Professor of Mathematics, Emerita. B.S., James Madison University; M.S., University of South Carolina.

Barbara Peroe (1967) Associate Professor of Accounting, Emerita. B.A., The College of William & Mary; M.S., Virginia Commonwealth University, Certificate Public Accountant.

James Perry, Jr. (1967) Associate Professor of Marketing, Emeritus. B.S., Old Dominion University; M.S., M.Ed., Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University.

Charlotte H. Rhodes (1967) Associate Professor of Health and Physical Education, Emerita. B.A., Lynchburg College; M.Ed., Virginia State University; additional graduate study, Virginia Commonwealth University.

Katharine Snavely (1996) Associate Professor of Computer Science., Emerita, B.A., Columbia College, South Carolina; M.S., Virginia Commonwealth University.

Carole E. Summerville (1980) Associate Professor of Mathematics. Emerita, B.S., Clarion State College; M.S., Syracuse University; Certificate of Advanced Graduate Study in Higher Education, The College of William & Mary.

Leslie Thysell (2006) Associate Professor of Accounting. B.S., Virginia Commonwealth University; M.S., Virginia Commonwealth University; M.B.A., Florida Institute of Technology; Ed. Sp., The College of William & Mary.

Lee Woodruff (1972) Professor of Biology. M.T., Southern Academy of Clinical Technology; B.S., M.S., Austin Peay State University; Certificate of Advanced Graduate Study in Higher Education, Ed.D., The College of William & Mary.


General Policies and Procedures

The Richard Bland College website provides extensive information about the College, campus policies, and academic programs. The College Catalog, Student and Faculty Handbooks, course schedules, and the Admission Application are among the publications posted on the College website. Please consult the Richard Bland College website for additional information on any topic listed in this Catalog.

Announcements/College Closings

The College sends out notification to students when the College is closed through the RBC Alert System. Students must sign up for this service to receive notification. Closings and announcements are also posted on the RBC website and announced through local media and news outlets.

FERPA: The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act

The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 is a Federal law, which states (a) that a written institutional policy must be established and (b) that a statement of adopted procedures covering the privacy rights of students be made available.

The law provides that the institution will maintain the confidentiality of student education records. Richard Bland College of The College of William & Mary in Virginia accords all the rights under the law to students who are declared independent. No one outside the institution shall have access to education records, nor will the institution disclose any information from education records without the consent of the student, with the following exceptions:

  • Authorized personnel within the institution
  • Officials of other institutions in which students were enrolled and/or seek to enroll
  • Persons or organizations providing student financial aid
  • Accrediting agencies carrying out their accreditation function
  • Persons complying with a judicial order or lawfully issued subpoena

All these exceptions are permitted under the Act.

Within the Richard Bland College community, only those school officials with legitimate educational interests are allowed access to a student’s education records. These members include personnel in the Office of the Director of Records and Registration, the Office of the Provost, the Financial Aid Office, the Office of Student Success, the Faculty Advisors, the Office of the President, and other personnel within the limitations of their need to know. At its discretion, the College also may provide directory information in accordance with the provision of the Act, except that pursuant to state law, a student’s address, telephone number, and email address shall be considered directory information, but the College must receive prior written affirmative consent from the student prior to disclosing the information to others, including other students. A Student Information Release form must be signed by a student authorizing release of this information in order for the College to provide such information to anyone except as otherwise authorized by FERPA and state law. Directory information includes:

  • Student name
  • Address, telephone number, email address (requires student’s affirmative consent pursuant to state law prior to being disclosed)
  • Photograph
  • Date and place of birth
  • Major field of study; grade level
  • Enrollment status (e.g., undergraduate, full-time or part-time) Dates of attendance
  • Degrees and awards received
  • The most recent previous education agency or institution attended by the student Participation in officially recognized activities and sports
  • Height and weight of members of athletic teams

Students may withhold directory information by notifying in writing within two weeks after the first day of class for each term.

The law provides a student the right to inspect and review information contained in his/her education record, to challenge the contents of the education record, and to have a hearing if the outcome of the challenge is unsatisfactory. The student may submit explanatory statements for inclusion in the files if the student feels the decision of the hearing panel to be unacceptable. The College Registrar and the Office of Records and Registration at Richard Bland College has been designated by the institution as the individual and office responsible for coordinating the inspection and review procedures for student educational resources, respectively These records include admissions, personal, academic, and financial files, as well as academic and placement records. Students wishing to review their education records must make written requests to the Office of Records and Registration listing the item or items of interest. Only records covered by the Act will be made available within forty- five days of the request. Students may have copies made of their records upon receipt by RBC of $0.15 per page within certain exceptions (e.g., copy of the academic record for which a financial hold exists, or a transcript of an original or source document that exists elsewhere). Education records do not include records of instructional, administrative, and educational personnel who are the sole possession of the maker and are not accessible or revealed to any individual except a temporary substitute, records of the law enforcement unit, student health records, employment records, or alumni records. Physicians designated by the student may review health records.

Students may not inspect the following as outlined by the Act:

  • Financial information submitted by their parents
  • Confidential letters and recommendations associated with admissions, employment, or job placement honors to which they have waived their rights of inspection and review
  • Records containing information about more than one student

In such cases, the institution will permit access only to that part of the record that pertains to the inquiring student.

A student who believes an educational record contains information that is inaccurate or misleading or is otherwise in violation of privacy or other rights may discuss the problem informally with the Director of Student Success. If the Director of Student Success agrees with the student’s request, the appropriate record will be amended. If not, the student will be notified within a reasonable period of time that the record will not be amended, and the student will be informed by the Director of Student Success of the right to a formal hearing. A student request for a formal hearing must be made in writing to the Director of Student Success who, within a reasonable period of time after receiving such request, will inform the student of the date, place, and the time of the hearing. A student may present evidence relevant to the issues raised and may be assisted or represented at the hearing by one or more persons of their choice, including attorneys at the student’s expense. The hearing panel that will adjudicate such challenges will be the Provost, the Director of Academics, and the Director of Financial Aid. 

The decision of the hearing panel will be final, and will be based solely on the evidence presented at the hearing. Notification will consist of written statements summarizing the evidence and stating the reasons for the decisions. The decision will be delivered to all parties concerned. Education records will be corrected or amended in accordance with the decision of the hearing panel if the decision is in favor of the student. If the decision is unsatisfactory to the student, the student may place in the education records statements commenting on the information in the records, or statements setting forth any reasons for disagreeing with the decision of the hearing panel. The statements will be maintained as part of the student’s record and released whenever the record in question is disclosed. Students who believe the adjudication of their challenges was unfair or not in keeping with the provisions of the Act may submit written requests to the President of the College for assistance. Students who believe their rights have been abridged may also file complaints with U.S. Department of Education, Family Policy Compliance Office, 400 Maryland Ave., S.W., Washington, DC 20202-8520, concerning the alleged failures of Richard Bland College to comply with the Act. Revisions and clarifications will be published as experience with the law and institution’s policy warrants.

Copies of the College’s policy and procedures are available to students (and authorized parents of students) upon request at the Office of Records & Registration.